Faster and Safer

Phone Master

Optimize CPU usage and stop overheat apps. Keep your phone cool.

  • One-tap to cool down handset
  • Give notice when reach high temperature.

Recharge King

  • Scan for speed recharge
  • Support 49 carriers in 14 countries
  • Save your valuable time for something important

Call record

  • step 1: call to select the call recording;
  • Step 2: Enter the call details interface, select the recording list, view the recordings.
  • Step 3: Click the call recording to listen to the recording. If you select Auto Recording, you can automatically record all calls.

Magazine Lock Screen

Feature a variety of lock screen wallpaper with poster-level quality,which are updated from time to time to deliver a different feeling every time you unlock the phone

Private Album

Everyone has some little secrets, add a password to the album, these little secrets are hidden.

Eye Protection Mode

It's equally important to deliver a dynamic digital life and protect your eyes